May 23, 2014

Paneer Shimla Mirch Sabzi | How to make Paneer Capsicum

Paneer Shimla Mirch Sabzi Recipe | How to make Paneer Capsicum Sabzi

Paneer Shimla Mirch or Paneer Capsicum sabzi is a very simple sabzi to make. This sabzi has two variations, one it is prepared as a dry dish and another one is cooked with a little cream which makes it a semi gravy dish.

This recipe is for the dry paneer shimla mirch sabzi.

Chilli Egg Recipe

Chilli Egg Recipe | How to make Chilli Egg

It is important that chilli or chilly is different and there is always a confusion about chilli or chili that which one should be referred for the actual Chili dish.

Chilly is cold or too cold to handle. Chilli or chili or there is chile all refer to the same meaning which in India, people refer as chilli. Chile is a spanish word for chilli or chili whereas chili is an american word of chilli. Well, i go with chili or chilli.

May 22, 2014

Veg Momos Recipe | Veg Momos recipe in pressure cooker

Veg Momos Recipe | How to make Veg Momos 

Momos is a very popular street snack in North of India. It comes from North East states of India. This unique snack is served with spicy sour sauce which is made using ginger, garlic and vinegar.

Now a days, momos are so popular that it is available in small towns of north Indian states. Momos also known as dim sum, is considered from Tibet originally. It has many names across southern Asia.


Momos are prepared using refined flour (maida). This recipe presents the steamed momos with partly cooked vegetable stuffed inside. Momos are prepared as fried snack as well. Originally momos is a meat preparation but now it has various recipes, among many recipes, one is a vegetarian momos as well.  

Vegetable Vermicelli Upma Recipe | Semiya Upma

Vermicelli Upma Recipe | How to make Vermicelli Upma/ Semiya Upma

Vermicelli or Semiya upma is a very quick breakfast or snack. It is best when served with ginger tea. Vermicelli is the thing which can be used to make sweets like kheer, paysam, halwa and can be consumed as a salty snack like upma also. 

Vermicelli / Semiya Upma   : Vermicelli is roasted in ghee and cooked in ghee along with vegetables.