Jul 31, 2014

Lahsuni Dal Palak Recipe

Lahsuni Dal Palak Recipe : Moong Dal is cooked with spinach , seasoned with garlic.  

Garlic is a very important ingredient in North Indian Cuisine. Specially during winter, we add garlic in almost each vegetable whether it is saag, sabzi, dal, chole, rajma or any combination of these. Lahsuni Dal Palak or Lasooni Dal Palak is a Moong Dal and Spinach recipe which is garnished with garlic tadka.

Jul 30, 2014

Masaledar Karela Recipe | How to make Spicy bitter Gourd

Masaledar Karela Recipe |  How to make Spicy Bittergourd

Masaledar Karela Recipe : soaked oats and egg beaten together to make a healthy and filling breakfast.  
Masaledar Karela or Spicy Bittergourd is a quick recipe to do. Just like other Bittergourd Recipes, this too needs a little preparation to reduce the bitterness.

Jul 22, 2014

Aloo Fry Capsicum Masala

Aloo fry capsicum masala , a very simple yet , high in oil recipe. Sometime we are just bored of routine dishes and it is good to try some new method to cook the routine vegetables. That is why I just thought of giving up the routine pressure cooking aloo shimla mirch and added a extra oil to this recipe :)

Jul 20, 2014

Lauki Kofta Curry Recipe

Lauki Kofta Curry is very tasty dish. Lauki is one of the things which most of the people do not like to eat. Lauki Kofta curry is the best way to consume Lauki for them. Though this recipe includes deep frying the Koftas, but that is not an issue, as we can just shallow fry or bake the Lauki Kofta.

Jul 18, 2014

Potato in Green Gravy

Potato in Green Gravy is made using Spinach Mustard Leaves. We can also call as Aloo Palak Sarson ki Sabzi in hindi. This is a very simple and veru healthy sabzi recipe. Why this one, actually I had a bit of both greens Spinach and Mustard Leaves, so thought of using both in a different sabzi then saag.

Jul 16, 2014

Baingan Peanut Masala

Baingan Peanut Masala is inspired from Baghare Baingan. The difference between Baghare Baingan and Baghare Baingan is that first, I have used one big brinjal instead of small eggplants. I have skipped adding coconut powder, poppy seeds and curry leaves which is very much required to prepare baghare baingan.
So this recipe is not baghare baingan but baingan in peanut gravy.

Jul 11, 2014

Palak Chole Hindi Recipe

चना पालक ये छोले पालक एक छोले की रेसिपी है । छोले और पालक दोनों आयरन और प्रोटीन के स्रोत है ।

Burani Raita Recipe

Burani Raita is a garlic flavored raita. This raita is served with Pulao and Biryani. It is a very simple and quick dish raita to make.

Jul 10, 2014

Lobia Sandwich Recipe

Lobia Sandwich Recipe | How to make Lobia Sandwich

Protein and Iron are the two important things which should be included in the everyday diet, and, if that comes from a vegetarian diet that is just wonderful. Lobia or Black Eyed Pea is an important source of protein and iron. There are few Lobia recipes in Indian Cuisine but all of them are curries which takes time to cook. Lobia Sandwich or Black Eyed Sandwich does not need any further cooking after boiling the lobia.

Jul 8, 2014

Whole Wheat Bread Making

Whole Wheat Bread Recipe | How to make hole Wheat Bred

Bread is a very common breakfast. Early mornings when we are in a hurry to leave home, bread works best as a breakfast. Making sandwich, toast, bread upma or simple just cook it for few seconds on hot griddle and have it with Tea or Juice. 

Jul 3, 2014

Aloo ke Gutke Recipe

Aloo Gutke Recipe | How to make Aloo Gutke

Aloo ke gutke is a pahari/ garhwali dish. It is a garhwali snack but it can be served as a side dish with paratha/ naan or chapati. Aloo ke gutke is a boiled potato dish in which boiled potato is fried with the spices. This is again a very simple recipe. Hardly takes 15 minutes if you have already boiled the potatoes.

Jul 2, 2014

Mixed Vegetable No Spices Hindi Recipes

यह रेसिपी बिना किसी मसाले के बनायी गयी है । इसमें मशरुम , शिमला मिर्च, टमाटर , प्याज़, लहसुन , हरी मिर्च , सोया सॉस व टोमेटो सॉस का प्रयोग किया गया है ।

Palak Chole Recipe

Chana Palak or Palak Chole is a simple Chickpeas recipe. Chickpeas and Spinach both are the sources of Iron so this dish is full of Iron and lots of deliciousness.

Jul 1, 2014

Vegetable Sambar Recipe Hindi

वेजिटेबल सांबर एक आसान रेसिपी  है । इसे बनाने के लिए कुछ सब्ज़ियाँ व अरहर दाल चाहिए। वेजिटेबल सांबर में लौकी , टमाटर बैंगन , आलू , प्याज़ , बीन्स व अन्य सब्ज़ियों का प्रयोग किया जा सकता है ।  वेजिटेबल सांबर में सांबर मसाला का प्रयोग होता है ।

Mixed Vegetale No Spices Recipe

Mixed vegetable cooked in no spices. A very simple and tasty recipe for mixed vegetable. Mushroom, capsicum, onion, garlic, tomato and green chili and soy sauce and tomato ketchup. Thats it for this mixed vegetable recipe.