Aug 31, 2015

Gobi Paratha Recipe | How to make Gobhi Paratha

Gobi Paratha Recipe | How to make Cauliflower Paratha

Gobi / Cauliflower Paratha : grated cauliflower / gobi is mixed with spices and used as stuffing in the paratha.

Gobi Paratha or Gobhi Paratha is a very popular paratha from North. It is a stuffed paratha just like we make Aloo Paratha, Mooli Paratha and other stuffed parathas.

Aug 30, 2015

Lauki Thepla Recipe

Lauki Thepla Recipe | How to make Doodhi Thepla

Lauki / Bottle Gourd / Doodhi Thepla : Lauki Thepla or Bottle Gourd Thepla is a variation of Gujarati Thepla. Lauki Thepla is prepared using grated lauki along with wheat flour, yogurt and few routine spices from Indian Spice Box..

Thepla is my new found love, i can't resist the nice spice smelling theplas. It is good that along with me, my family also likes it and that is why I am able to cook it quite often.   

Aug 26, 2015

Omelette Curry Masala Recipe

Omelette Curry Masala Recipe | How to make Omelette Curry Masala

 Omelette Curry Masala : Omelette is cooked in onion and tomato gravy along with regular spices turmeric powder, cumin seeds, coriander powder, garam masala and chilli. 

Omelette curry Masala is a quick dish.  I make it when I have to cook something quick. Omelette Curry Masala can be prepared just in 15 - 20 minutes. 

Aug 25, 2015

Chana Dal Paratha Recipe

Chana Dal Paratha Recipe | How to make Chana Dal Paratha

 Chana Dal Paratha : Chana dal is soaked in water for 4 - 5 hours, grinded to make a stuffing and then used to stuff in parathas..

Chana Dal Paratha is the recipe from Rajasthan. The preparation is like just another stuff parathas.   

Aug 20, 2015

Green Chilli INstant Pickle Recipe

Green Chilli Instant Pickle Recipe | How to make Green Chilli Instant Pickle

 Green Chilli Instant Pickle : Chopped or sliced green chilies are slightly cooked in mustard oil along with pickle spices. When cooking is finished, we can consume it after one hour. Green Chilli Instant Pickle needs to sit for one hour before consuming.

Green Chilli Instant Pickle is a easy and quick pickle , and according to me, it is the easiest to prepare. We can prepare green chilli pickle just in 15 minutes which includes cooking time as well.  

Aug 19, 2015

Green Peas Sandwich Recipe

Green Peas Sandwich Recipe | How to make Matar Sandwich

 Green Peas Sandwich : Cooked green peas along with few routine spices is sandwiched in bread slices.

Green Peas Sandwich is a very healthy, quick and easy to do breakfast dish. It is good if we have fresh green peas for the sandwich, but if that is not available, we can go for frozen green peas as well.  

Arbi Masala Curry Recipe

 Arbi Masala Curry Recipe | How to make Arbi Masala Gravy  

Arbi Masala Gravy Recipe  : Arbi / Colocasia is cooked in tomato gravy along with other spices and onion .  

Arbi Masala Gravy is a very common curry dish. Mostly I use boiled arbi to make gravy or dry dish of arbi because it is easy to peel that. Peeling raw arbi makes the hands itchy and that is why I always prefer boiled arbi to make arbi dish.  

Aug 18, 2015

Chicken Pulao Recipe

  Chicken Pulao Recipe | How to make Chicken Pulao  

Chicken Pulao Recipe  : Tender Chicken pieces are cooked in tomato curry and later added soaked rice. Cooked till chicken and rice is cooked completely.  

Chicken Pulao is a tasty combination of chicken and rice. It is a one pot complete meal. Chicken is marinated before using in the pulao. Rice should also be soaked for 25 - 30 minutes before cooking.  

Aug 17, 2015

Plain Paratha Recipe

Plain Paratha Recipe | How to make Plain Paratha

Paratha is a flat indian bread which is shallow fried. Paratha is a popular breakfast in north India. There are many many versions of Paratha recipe. Stuffed Paratha as are very popular and are considered as the whole meal. 

To make plain parahta we can mix different flours to make paratha dough or we can simply use whole wheat dough. While kneading paratha dough, salt and a little ghee is added. We can add different spices in the flour while kneading dough and can have different flavor plain parahta.  

Aug 16, 2015

Egg Palak Curry Recipe

 Egg Palak Curry Recipe | How to make Spinach Egg Curry  

Egg Palak Curry Recipe  :Spinach / Palak is pureed, boiled Eggs are cooked in pureed palak / spinach.  

Egg Palak Curry is a very healthy recipe. Boiled eggs and spinach, both are very healthy. It is a simple recipe which is very easy to do.  

Aug 12, 2015

Bombay Veg Sandwich Grilled Recipe

 Bombay Vegetable Sandwich Grilled Recipe | how to make Bombay Vegetable Sandwich  

Bombay Vegetable Sandwich Grilled Recipe  : Cucumber, onion, tomato and boiled potato is sandwiched in bread with chutney and butter. This toast is either cooked on tawa, sandwich maker or grill .

Bombay Vegetbale sandwich is a famous street food and it can be seen almost every city , big or small. I have not tried any time this sandwich on Mumbai streets but I have seen the recipe many times in news papers, magazines and cook books. I have opted it from a magazine. I customized this recipe according to the ingredients available in my kitchen. 

Karela Fry Recipe | Fried Bitter Gourd Recipe

 Karela Fry Recipe | how to make Fried Bitter Gourd  

Karela Fry / Fried Bitter Gourd Recipe  : Dee[ Fried Bitter gourd is cooked with onion in regular spices .

Karela Fry is a quick dish for kerale / bitter gourd. Generally I make stuffed karela which need lots of preparation and planning. We shall have scraped bitter gourd and rub it with salt. We shall keep it like that for minimum 2 hrs so that the bitterness reduces before using. Frying does same thing here to bitter gourd, it reduces the bitterness.

We should stir fry or deep fry the bitter gourd before cooking it with spices. We should fry till the extent that the bitter gourd / karela becomes brown and crisp, else it might be bitter in taste. 

Aug 11, 2015

Whole Moong Dal Thepla Recipe

 Whole Moong Dal Thepla Recipe | how to make Whole Moong Dal Thepla

Whole Green Moong Dal Thepla  : Cooked whole moong dal is mixed with wheat flour along with spices and yogurt. Make flat bread with this dough.

Whole Moong Dal Thepla is an invention with the leftover cooked whole moong dal. First I thought of making whole moong dal paratha with the leftover but later I switched to thepla instead of paratha. I should say that it was better tasting then the moong dal paratha. 

I have explained already how to knead thepla dough. While using cooked Moong dal. less of yogurt is required because cooked dal already has some water in it. We should adjust the amount of yogurt accordingly.   

Aug 10, 2015

Egg Fried Rice Recipe

Egg Fried Rice Recipe | how to make Egg Fried Rice

Egg Fried Rice  : Boiled Rice is fried with scrambled egg along with onion, garlic and soy sauce. 

I have always made egg fried rice with the leftover rice. Whenever there is rice in dinner, some rice is left almost each time and I often end up using that leftover rice for egg fried or other fried rice recipes. This time when I cooked Jeera Rice, I knew that next day I am going to cook egg fried rice with it. 

Other fried rice recipes are spinach fried rice, veg fried rice, mushroom fried rice, green peas fried rice, paneer fried rice and there can be many more to it.   

Aug 9, 2015

Matar Paneer Pulao Recipe | How to make Matar Paneer Pulao

Matar Paneer Pulao Recipe | how to make Matar Paneer Pulao

Matar Paneer Pulao / Green Peas Paneer Pulao  : Matar Paneer Pulao is a pulao dish which is prepared using green peas and paneer along with the other pulao ingredients. It is an easy and quick dish, though it need some preparation. We should keep the rice washed and soaked in water for 25 - 30 minutes prior to use it in pulao. 

Matar Paneer is combined to many times to prepare different dishes as they both go well together whether it is a dry dish, a curry based dish or a rice based dish. Matar Paneer always make a dish special.   

Aug 6, 2015

Chole Chaat Recipe | How to make Chole Chaat

Chole Chaat Recipe | How to make Chana Chaat

 Chole / Chana Chaat : Boiled chole / chana with spices and lemon juice is the chole chana chaat. The spices used in chole chaat is salt, red chilli powder, garam masala, chaat masala and  black salt. We can adjust the quantity of spices according to our taste.

Chole chaat is a very healthy snack. It can be served as a salad as well. Wash and soak the chole / chana in water overnight or 6 - 8 hours. If you have not soaked chole, it is tough to get the soft chole. People use baking powder while boiling chole, if they have not soaked is enough. but that does not work well as chole becomes soft outside but remain hard inside. That is why, soaking is an important part of chole preparation.  

Idli Upma Recipe | How to make Idli Upma

Idli upma Recipe | How to make Idli Upma

 Idli Upma : Idli Upma is a very simple and quick dish which is prepared with crumbled idli tempered with curry leaves, chana dal and routine spices.  

Idli Upma is good to prepare when you are in hurry. I am sure that it is not going to take more then 10 minutes. It can be a quick breakfast, lunch box dish or also can be evening snack as well. If got some left over idli, can make Idli upma.  

Whole Green Moong Dal Recipe

Whole Green Moong Dal Recipe | How to make Whole Green Moong Dal

Whole Green Moong Dal / Sabut Moong Dal  : Whole Green Moong dal is boiled and tempered with onion and tomato.  Cumin Seeds, Turmeric Powder, Coriander Powder and Red Chilli Powder are the basic spices that is used to prepare Whole green moong dal.

Whole Green Moong dal is always considered as a very healthy food. We can sprout whole green moong dal for addition benefits. This recipe for whole green moong dal is quick and very simple to do. We should wash moong dal and if no hurry to cook, soak it as well in water for 2 hours before cooking.   

Aug 5, 2015

Cabbage Thepla Recipe | How to makePatta Gobi Thepla

Cabbage Thepla Recipe | How to make Patta Gobi Thepla

Cabbage / Patta Gobi / Band Gobi Thepla : Cabbage Thepla or Patta Gobi Thepla is a variation of Gujarati Thepla. Cabbage Thepla is prepared using cabbage along with wheat flour, yogurt and few routine spices from Indian Spice Box..

I prepared Cabbage Thepla first time. I wished to cook cabbage sabzi but I found that the cabbage is not enough for sabzi, then I thought of making thepla which was very quick preparation.   

Aug 4, 2015

Hare Bhare Kabab Recipe

Hare Bhare Kabab Recipe

 Hare Bhare Kabab : Hare Bhare Kabab is a snack which is prepared using boiled potatoes, spinach and green peas. All three vegetables are used to knead a smooth dough and then made the small petties which is shallow fried or deep fried.. 

Hare Bhare Kabab is served in most of the restaurants. It is a popular snack.  

Jeera Rice Recipe | How to make Jeera Rice

Jeera Rice Recipe | How to make Jeera Rice

Jeera Rice : Jeera Rice or Cumin Rice is a simple rice dish which is prepared cooking rice in cumin seasoning. For Jeera Rice, ghee is prepared in place of oil for seasoning.

Jeera Rice is not often cooked at home. Being from north India, we have wheat as staple, rice is just once a week or sometimes once in 10 days. Most of the times rice is cooked to accompany Kadhi, Rajma, Chole and dal but still that is just once a week at max.  

Aug 3, 2015

Chicken 65 Recipe | How to make Chicken 65

Chicken 65 Recipe | How to make Chicken 65

Chicken 65 : Chicken 65 is a deep fried spicy chicken dish which is served as a snack in southern states of India. To prepare chicken 65, chicken is cut into small pieces and marinated in spices. When chicken is marinated, it is deep fried till it turns golden brown in color.  

Chicken 65, a hot spicy snack from south India is very popular in Bangalore. It is served in almost all the non vegetarian restaurants and popular as a street food too.  

 To prepared chicken 65 I used boneless chicken. I choose chicken breast and cut into small pieces. I always find cooking chicken breast is easy as compare to other chicken.  

Aug 2, 2015

Cardamom Flavor Sweet Lassi Recipe

Cardamom Flavored Sweet Lassi Recipe

 Sweet Lassi : Lassi is a punjabi cuisine beverage which is prepared using thick yogurt and chilled milk. Lassi can be sweet , salty and in other different flavors as well. 

Lassi is very refreshing drink. I have had lassi many times in restaurants and dhabas and I just love the dhaba style lassi. I have had lassi few times in dhabas of Murthal on G. T. Road. They serve lassi in a almost 10 inches tall glass. Their lassi has a very thick layer of butter. On those dhabas, only lassi is enough to feed a big hunger :) , thats true. After having one glass of lassi, there is no scope of eating any thing there.

Baby Corn Paneer Masala Recipe

Baby Corn Paneer Masala Recipe | How to make Baby Corn Paneer Masala

Baby Corn Paneer Masala : Baby COrn Paneer Masala  is a thick gravy dish which is prepared by cooking baby corn pieces and paneer hot masala gravy of onion and tomatoes.

I have used baby corn many times earlier but this was first time when i made baby corn paneer masala. I always used baby corn as one among many veggies while preparing mix veg or paneer jalfrezi. 

 Baby Corn Paneer masala is flavored with the whole spices and ginger garlic. After making many masala recipes at home, now making masala recipes is quick and easy.