Sep 29, 2015

Lauki Chana Dal Recipe

Lauki Chana Dal Recipe | How to make Lauki Chana Dal | Lauki Chana Dal Sabji Recipe

Lauki Chana Dal   : Lauki or bottle gourd is cooked with chana dal in onion tomato masala gravy along with the regular spices. 

Lauki Chana Dal is a very healthy dish. It is good for them who does not like to eat lauki much. Chana dal is soaked in water for one hour before it could be used to make lauki chana dal.  

Sep 22, 2015

Makki ki Roti Recipe | Maize Flour Chapati

Makai ki Roti Recipe | How to make Makke ki Roti | Maize Flour Chapati

Makke ki Roti  : Maize flour chapati or popularly known as Makke ki roti is a punjabi dish which is served with saag and other indian curries. .

Makke ki roti is often prepared during winter season in punjab, uttar pradesh. 

Palak Saag Recipe | How to make Palak Sag

Palak Saag Recipe | How to make Palak Sag | Spinach Curry Recipe

Palak Sag   : Spinach / Palak leaves are pureed and seasoned with cumin seeds and other regular spices. 

Palak Saag is prepared as same as sarson da saag. It is a very popular dish in north india. Palak Saag is prepared during winter.  

Pudina Chaas Recipe

Pudina Chaas Recipe | How to make Pudina Chaas

Pudina Chaas  : Fresh or dried pudina leaves or both crushed and mixed in beaten yogurt along with salt and other ingredients.

Pudina Chaas is a very cool drink which is mostly consumed during the peak summer. It is very easy to make pudina chaas. Pudina chaas is served in the road side dhabas in north India.

Sep 9, 2015

Chicken Kali Mirch Recipe | Pepper Chicken

Chicken Kali Mirch Recipe | How to make Pepper Chicken

Chicken Kali Mirch   : Chicken is marinated in pepper corn powder along with beaten yogurt and spices. Shallow fry or tawa fry the chicken and cook in regular masala / spices.

Chicken kali mirch is a very easy chicken dish yet it is done in various steps. It takes time but there is no complexity involved in this process. I mostly use boneless chicken or chicken breast but chicken with bone can be used in this recipe. 

Tawa Chicken Tikka Recipe

Tawa Chicken Tikka Recipe | How to make Chicken Tikka on Tawa

Tawa Chicken Tikka  : Marinated chicken is cooked on the stove on a tawa instead of oven or tandoor.

Chicken Tikka is my favorite chicken dish and everyone in house loves it too. hen we shifted to a new city, we did not have oven at home. Then I thought of trying chicken tikka on a tawa and that is why I am calling this dish as Tawa Chicken TIkka.     

Aloo Tamatar Sookhi Sabji Recipe

Aloo Tamatar Sookhi Sabzi Recipe | How to make Aloo Tamatar Sookhi Sabzi

Aloo Tamatar Sookhi Sabzi  : Peeled and washed potato cut into cubes and fried with onion. Cooked in spices along with chopped tomatoes.

Aloo Tamatar is very common in every kitchen and used in mot of the north indian dishes. Aloo tamatar sabzi is served with poori, chapati, paratha and rice as well. The preparation of aloo tamatar sabzi is done differently when it is served with poori then when it is served with chapati.     

Sep 7, 2015

Mushroom Manchurian Recipe

Mushroom Manchurian Recipe | How to make Mushroom Manchurian

Mushroom Manchurian : Mushroom is dipped in refined flour and corn flour mix batter and then deep fried. Then it is seasoned with soy sauce and chilli sauce along with onion and capsicum. 

Mushroom Manchurian is an Indo Chinese dish. It is prepared like we prepare the pakodas at home. We use gram flour batter for dipping the pakoda, for manchurian we use refined flour and corn flour to make batter. Again soy sauce and chilli sauce is very important ingredient for Mushroom Manchurian.     

Sep 2, 2015

Chilli Mushroom Recipe

Chilli Mushroom Recipe | How to make Chilli Mushroom

Chilli Mushroom  : Mushroom is cooked in soy sauce and chilli sauce along with onion and capsicum.

Chilli Mushroom is an Indo Chinese dish. Soy sauce and chilli sauce is very important ingredient for indo chinese dish. Soy sauce provides a tangy flavor to the dish.    

Sep 1, 2015

Cucumber Tomato Sandwich Recipe

Cucumber Tomato Sandwich Recipe

Cucumber Tomato Sandwich: Cucumber and tomato pieces are sandwiched between bread slices along with salt and few spices and then cooked on tawa or sandwich maker.

Sandwich is a very popular breakfast because it is very quick, very easy to do and healthy too. The best thing about sandwich is that one can always add or reduce the stuffing ingredients as per preferences.    

Tomato Pulao Recipe

Tomato Pulao Recipe | How to make Tomato Pulao

Tomato Pulao : Boiled rice is cooked in tomato masala.

Tomato Pulao is a rice dish which can be prepared using leftover rice or it can be prepared with the fresh boiled rice as well. I have mostly prepared tomato pulao with the leftover cooked rice.