Jan 24, 2016

Egg Vindaloo Recipe

Egg Vindaloo Recipe |  How to make Egg Vindaloo | Goan Egg Curry Egg Vindaloo

Egg Vindaloo  : Hard boiled eggs are cooked in spices. Sugar and vinegar is a twist in the recipe which gives it a unique sweet and tangy taste.

Egg Vindaloo is a goan dish. Usually vindaloo is prepared using chicken and pork. I have never tasted and tried goan food before but after my husband told about chicken vindaloo, I wanted to try it at home.  

Jan 7, 2016

Rice Kheer Recipe

Rice Kheer Rcipe |  How to make Rice Kheer

Rice Kheer  : Rice is soaked in water and later cooked in condensed milk. Garnished with dry fruits.

 Rice Kheer has been a very common festival recipe since my childhood. I have always liked this simple kheer as hot and chilled.